Week 2

Week 2: [Recon] Phishing and Fingerprinting


Our goal discussed in week 1 is to launch an attack on a Dominion Power substation while also defacing the public dominion power website. We hope to emulate the recent attacks against the Ukraine power grid and Iranian nuclear facilities.

Based on our research we know hour attack vector will involve first compromising a vendor who has access to the substation. Thier laptop will eventually deliver our payload to the substation.

Open Source Intelligence tools allowed us to both identity a vendor and begin building a profile for one of the employees.

We’re now ready to develop a phishing campaign against this individual.

We will also begin looking for vulnerable hosts we can use to launch our campaign and future attacks from.

  • Use phishing tools to clone a site we expect the user to trust. Build a convincing phishing email.
  • Fingerprint an unrelated web host and launch attacks from there through phishing tools and techniques.


Hour 1:

Public Record

What information is available? In Flordia I can get your voter registration information (i.e - name, birthday, address). In Virginia I can only see which years you voted (or didn’t vote) and your address.

Cell Phone Spoofing
  • SpoofCard

Public Test Server: * Admin: * Register:

Hour 2:

  • Google Dorks
  • Shodan